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Mushroom hunting has become very popular and many people want to learn how to safely find fungi, and naturally have many questions.

In Central Oregon, or within an hour’s drive of Bend, you can begin to find mushrooms in early May until the heat of summer ends the season. Fall season begins in late August in the lowest wettest spots and continues until a hard freeze, usually later Octore

It depends on what mushroom you are hunting. Usually mixed conifer forests, those with both pine and fir are the best bets in Central Oregon, but wet areas near rivers and lakes are always worth checking. Your garden and landscaping can produce some amazing edibles!

You can always handle even the most poisonous of mushrooms with no problems. The toxins must be ingested to cause damage.

There is no perfect way to decide if a mushroom is edible or not. You must be totally confident in the mushroom’s identification or even if it is an edible you will feel ill from the fear that it could be toxic.

Please look at our list of websites and books as it will keep growing as more information gets published.

Only members are invited on forays and thought we like dogs, they have caused some unnecessary conflicts in the woods such as getting lost, stepping on mushrooms, etc. Please leave your dog at home

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