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May COMC meeting Thursday, May 16th

May 16 @ 6:30 pm 8:00 pm

Join us at Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 NW Wall in downtown Bend, 6:30-8ish PM

 We are excited about mushroom season starting with a little warmer weather and more ahead.  Some people have had a little luck but the soil needs to warm a bit longer in our area. Speaking of soil, we have invited Brian Vagg, a specialist in soil, who has spoken to many mushroom clubs about the life under our feet.  Below is what Brian wrote regarding his talk:

Discover the beneficial microorganisms residing in soil and their pivotal roles within healthy ecosystems. Our discussion will encompass the soil food web, describing the intricate relationships among plants, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and other soil-dwelling organisms. Exploring the biological mechanisms within soil, we’ll delve into nutrient cycling, pest and disease suppression, and enhancements to plant growth and vigor. Concluding the presentation, a live demonstration employing a microscope will unveil the vibrant life thriving within soil.  [on camera and visible on the screen!]

Meet Brian Vagg, a soil food web consultant committed to transforming conventional agriculture. Specializing in the transition from agrochemical farming to a biology-focused approach.  Brian’s expertise lies in harnessing the soil food web, fostering relationships between microorganisms, plants, and the environment. By cultivating biodiverse and thriving soil, he enables farmers to reduce reliance on agrochemicals, creating more eco-friendly farming systems. Beyond improving yields, Brian envisions agriculture harmonizing with nature, adapting to climate changes, and promoting ecological balance.