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Hygrophorus subalpinus

Hygrophorus subalpinus.  This large white mushroom is nearly underground early in the season and has a coating of dirt when picked.  If you look at the gills under the cap, you will notice they are very thick, almost like they were made of wax.  Rubbing a piece of the gill tissue between your fingers gives you the impression that your fingers are being coated with a thin layer of paraffin. Yes. This is a Waxy-cap,  Subalpine waxy-cap. What is most noticeable about Hygrophorus subalpinus is its whiteness. This mushroom is so very white WHITE that is seems unnatural, even when it is covered in dirt! When you turn it over to look at those waxy gills, note the beautiful whiteness of mushroom through and through!  Older books say it is not edible, but recent online mushroom sites call it a good edible. This is one mushroom that is critical to identify correctly due to its look-alikes.