Dog Safety Alert

Notice to all dog owners in Central Oregon

Here in Central Oregon we love being outdoors with our 4- legged best friends and taking advantage of this amazing place we live in. Humans know better than to eat wild mushrooms without knowing what’s safe and what’s not, but dogs, on the other hand, love to get into things that smell delicious. Tragically there is a family of mushrooms that can quickly kill a dog if the issue is not addressed immediately.  A large family of mushrooms called Amanita are the main culprits in our area. These can also be deadly to humans. The two known locally are Amanita aprica and Amanita pantherina. It’s unknown why, but mycologists think there is a compound in the mushroom that gives off a fish-like odor and is irresistible to some dogs.

One key to getting your pet the necessary medical attention is proper identification of the mushroom he/she may have eaten. If at all possible take a sample of the suspect mushroom with you to the veterinarian, including a small sample of any material your pet may have vomited. A plastic container will do for the vomit. The mushroom sample will help your vet to quickly determine the best treatment for your pet. Time is very important. Waiting too long to get to the vet could make all the difference in the outcome of a mushroom poisonings.

If your pet, usually dogs, exhibits two or more of the following symptoms, and you suspect he/she may have eaten a wild mushroom, get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Again time is very important in achieving a successful outcome.

Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal pain, Weakness, Lethargy, Yellowing of the skin, Uncoordinated movements, Excessive drooling, Seizures and/or Coma

If you suspect your pet has consumed either of the mushrooms in this flyer, seek immediate medical attention.

During off hours and weekends go directly to: 

Bend Animal Emergency and Specialty Center.

1245 SE 3rd Street, Suite C-3 Bend, Oregon 97702 


Bend Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is located in the Scandia shopping plaza on the south end of Business 97 in Bend Oregon. 

This flyer was created by Julie Hamilton of Central Oregon Mushroom Club in response to the many inquiries we get about local poisonous mushrooms fruiting in yards and local acreage.  May is the time we begin to see these in landscaping.  If you have an animal or young child, please check your area thoroughly, especially those of you who live in south county, LaPine and south, but Bend as well.  Every year the vets see dogs who have eaten Amanita aprica and suffer serious health issues, even death.

Sharing this with friends and family is encouraged, Click here for a printable flyer

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