Cantharellus formosus – Yellow Chanterelle

a.k.a. Pacific Golden Chanterelle

Cantharellus formosa seems to be the most common yellow chanterelle, it’s easy to identify and it’s Oregon state’s mushroom! The classic blunt veins, not gills, run down the stem and the cap is generally smooth and colored like the stem. It had been called C. cibarius, an eastern species, until the ’90s when commercially harvested Chanterelles were given a closer look. 

Another distinct Chanterelle species in Oregon is Cantharellus roseocanus – Rainbow Chanterelle.  The cap of this mushroom becomes is a duller yellow with rosy pink tints especially near the edges of the cap. It usually fruits near Spruce trees along the coast.  

Cantharellus cascadensis is one more yellow-type Chanterelle where the irregular veining under the cap is a much lighter color than the cap. It has a shorter, thicker stem than C. formosus and the veins fork more frequently.  The light coloring of the stem and veins can confuse the mushroom hunter who may think it a hybrid between the white and yellow Chanterelle, but it is not a true hybrid.  

All of these are excellent edibles with similar tastes, so separate IDs are not that important. 

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