Corals – Ramaria species

Ramaria are generally prolific during spring season and when the weather cooperates in the fall. Corals are eaten by many without clear identification to species. Most are bland and hard to clean but they fruit when other mushrooms are sparse. The different species are a challenge of mushrooms hunters tell apart. The Ramaria that causes the most trouble is Ramaria gelatinosa. Note the jelly like middle of the stem after cutting the mushroom lengthwise.
Ramaria botrytis is not that common, but is distinctive. The cauliflower- like white stem and stubby branches with pink tips make it easier to identify than other large Ramarias. It is easy to clean and tastier than many other corals. Be sure to cut it open lengthwise to see if the worms have been there first. 

The yellow spring coral, Ramaria rasilispora,, also pictured here, barely comes out of the duff and fruits in arcs under conifers. It is dull yellow with many branches and even more as it ages. 

Ramaria gelatinosa

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