Introduction to Mushroom Hunting

Vera K. Charles (1974) ISBN: 0-486-20667

The study of the wild mushrooms of the woods and fields will appeal to the amateur collector and the lover of nature, as well as to the scientist with an interest in the field. The beautiful colours and textures displayed by these fungi provide an immense attraction to the artistic, while the more practical minded are interested in their culinary applications; to the more advanced student, the variety in form and detail of microscopic investigation offers an unlimited area of study. This fascinating book offers a comprehensive treatise on all of these topics, and anybody interested in mushrooms and their uses will find great value contained herein. The chapters of this book cover the main families of common mushroom and include: Danger from Poisonous Fungi, Agaricaceae, Polyporaceae, Hydnaceae, Clariaceae, Phallaceae, Lycoperdaceae, and Ascomycetes. This scarce book has been elected for republication because of its immense educational value, and is proudly republished here with a new introduction to the subject.

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