New web site up and running

Welcome to our brand new Central Oregon Mushroom Club website. Thanks for stopping by to check us out. We are eager to provide the best resource to expand your knowledge of our amazing PNW mushrooms. By clicking BECOME A MEMBER. you can join us in the never-ending, in-depth exploration of all things fungi. On our members only guided forays you will learn all the ins and outs mushroom hunting in our local habitat. Your members benefits will allow you to participate in special events like our annual Fungi Fest, club campouts and access our members videos and library just to name a few?

To activate your current membership at this new site please follow the steps below.

  1. From Home page select Current Member Access, it will take you directly to an UPDATE PASSWORD page.
  2. Type in email address used at the old site. This is your user name.
  3. Check your email and go to change password link provided.
  4. Create new password
  5. Go to Your Account tab and log in.
  6. Go back to your Your Account and select Member Info.
  7. If it’s not in your info, please add your phone number. If you have a family membership, add the other family members in the Biographical info field. Both of these are very important in providing continuity from the old website to the new.
  8. For an opportunity to become more involved in our club and get to know other members, consider clicking on one or more of the volunteer tabs in member info or go to the link below and fill out the form for more volunteer opportunities. Our club is fully staffed by volunteers and we could not function without help from our dedicated helpers. We’d love to have you on board. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uxGkEuOJedO6C-RORweLUUiuvZLzS5UnCKcJP1pkPZk/edit
  9. Last step, be sure to click Update.

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