Chef Mazi’s recipe Chef Mazi offers excerpts from his new book

Amanda Accamondo of Sunriver Nature Center has been in contact with Chef Mazi in Thailand. He is offering to share some of his recipes from his upcoming cookbook and to give you other resources to follow his interesting work with culinary mushroom cooking in Thailand. The 7 pages of his “Nam Phrik Hed” dish will appear on the recipe page soon.

Attached you will find the Thai National Parks Edible Mushrooms Poster that he shared in his presentation. The recipe he shared is an excerpt from his upcoming book of Lanna Cuisine and Food Culture.You can also keep up with Chef Zach on his adventures and show support while he is over in Thailand:
1) Subscribe to his email list and download the first Quarantine Quookbook from the website:<>. He encourages people to play with the recipes and send him a message when they do!
2) Check out his constantly evolving Patreon page for the science of edible mushrooms information.<>
3) Help out local artisans and support distance tourism for Thailand: buy awesome facemasks at<>

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